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Those Uganda Travel Myths People Believe as Real

Those Uganda Travel Myths People Believe as Real ?- But are They?

There are many Things one can find about Uganda on the Internet that are simply Wrong

Those Uganda Travel Myths People Believe as Real – Uganda – the Pearl of Africa – Uganda often gets a bad wrap on Internet, many things written are simply wrong, outdated by years, have no present reality in Uganda and simply out of touch with the real Uganda, simply Internet Legends written by people who have never set foot inside of the Pearl of Africa – Uganda and yet to many these Myths and Falsities  that are real to many since they write to us about them…

Uganda-that-is-where-Idi-Amin-LivesUganda – Oh, that is where Idi Amin lives:

Idi Amin was in power as President of Uganda from 1972 to 1979 – He came to be president with power of the gun and he was overthrown with the power of the gun.

Most Ugandans were not alive during that time period. He wound up living out his days in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia where he died in 2003 of Kidney Failure and was buried there. He loved the attention of the world and mostly likely he would have enjoyed the movie (based on a novel) “The Last King of Scotland.”

Idi Amin is a name that is synonymous with Uganda – most do not know the name of the current president of Uganda – President Yoweri Museveni who has led Uganda since 1986.

No – Idi Amin does not live in Uganda – however many of his family members still do and sadly some still believe that Idi Amin lives here.

Those Uganda Travel Myths People Believe as RealThere is War going on in Uganda – it dangerous:

This myth about Uganda is kept alive on websites, blog posts, mainly small town American Newspapers, University and College News sites, Blogs.

Reality – Joseph Kony and the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) are not in Uganda and there is no ongoing war in Uganda. The conflict with Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army ended in 2006 with the signing of (cessation of hostilities agreement by the Government of Uganda and the LRA).

Murchison Falls National Park (Number 1 visited park in Uganda) has seen a dramatic increase of tourists since that time – several new lodges have been built.

Joseph Kony and his now diminished LRA (a few hundred) have been causing havoc in other countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and even Darfur but not in Uganda – there is no war going on in Uganda – only the myth about one belied by many.

gayUganda – that is place where they Kill Gays:

Uganda is a country where the left and right of American Politics have fought a war of ideals – on one hand you have US Government promoting LGBT issues and punishing countries that do not concur with their policies, on the other hand you have the Religious Right of the USA trying to show its values in other countries such as Uganda after having failed to do so in the US.

Uganda reflects the attitude of the majority of Africans – the laws on the books in Uganda today was put into place by the British Colonial Administration.  The anti-gay bill that was first promoted by American Evangelicals and then by David Bahati a US educated Parliamentarian was passed, signed by President Museveni and annulled by the Constitutional Court of Uganda.

Uganda’s bark is bigger than its bite – 97% of Ugandans like most Africans are not pro-gay, yet in Uganda there is no organized persecution against gays.  International Gay Travelers are questioned at the airport regarding their sexual orientation and their safety and well-being is being promoted by the Uganda Tourism Board and others.

A Gay Traveler is safe in Uganda – public affection is considered a cultural mistake in Uganda by both heterosexual or gay couples.

Putting aside the myths and anecdotal legends – Uganda is safe for LBGT Travelers – though most Ugandans are not pro-gay, however most Ugandans are more concerned their daily well-being rather than US issues fought out on the soil of Uganda.

uganda-ebola-freeEbola is in Uganda:

The recent outbreak in West Africa that is now subsiding never reached East Africa, there were more cases of Ebola in the US, Europe than in East or Southern Africa where there were none.

West Africa – is 5000 kilometers from Uganda – if there was an Ebola outbreak in Portland Maine Americans would not cancel travel plans to Portland Oregon.  However in the case of Africa, many did.  In 2016 Uganda as most of Africa is Ebola Free.  At the port of entry all travelers are checked and Uganda is taking every precaution to keep Uganda Ebola Free, however on the Internet you will find wrongful information about Ebola in Uganda.

You-will-get-AidsYou will get Aids if you travel to Uganda:

Simply setting foot into Uganda will not give you Aids – it does not float around in the air, you do not get it by visiting with Ugandans, having a drink with them, conversations, swimming in one of the pristine lakes, going rafting, or going gorilla or chimpanzee tracking.

You can expose yourself  to HIV – AIDS if you engage in high risk behavior with the Ugandan women of the night – the mosquito girls whose sting just might infect you – best not engage in high risk behavior – enjoy the people, the wildlife, the scenery – but follow the ABC rule of Uganda to avoid HIV infection – Abstain-Be Faithful-Condoms.

No, you will not get HIV-AIDS visiting Uganda as long as you act responsibly and do not engage in unsafe sex.

You-will-get-MalariaYou will get Malaria and it will kill you:

Most travelers and visitors to Uganda do not contract malaria – it is a rarity.

Most visitors to Uganda should be on a malaria regiment which protects you. Use the mosquito nets provided by hotels and lodges. Better hotels even spray the room while you are at dinner and you can always buy a spray can of Doom to eliminate those pesky critters. Apply Off, Cutter or RID (RID found in Australia) insect repellent to your skin and clothing, wear long sleeved shirts in the evening and long trousers when going out.
Should you contract malaria while in Uganda – there are good hospitals such as International Hospital in Kampala where they can effectively treat you.

Over the years I have had malaria on several occasion, the latest treatment available here is quite effective and rather quick.
Malaria does kill and unfortunately many Ugandans die daily from it because of wrong treatment or no treatment (that is also changing-the fight against malaria is being won), however visitors coming here are quite safe if the above steps are followed and we have had no clients contract Malaria.

Uganda-friendly-nationUganda is not safe for Travelers – it is violent place:

Ugandans are some of the friendliest people in Africa. I as a Westerner living here feel safer here, on the streets of Kampala than I would in some neighborhoods in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London.

There are several pages on Travel Safety in Uganda – plain advice that will help you to have a safe time in the Pearl of Africa.

No -You will not get robbed in Uganda – in spite of misconceptions you might have – especially on a safari tour of Uganda and as long as you follow some basic advice.

You might get cheated when you buy goods or services and are given a high price – simply bargain down.

Uganda remains one of the safest and secure countries in Africa – and Kampala its capital is relatively safe for visitors if you follow some sound safety and security advice that is found on our site.

wrong-travel-advisoriesEven Foreign Governments such as Australis and New Zealand portray Uganda as an unsafe Place:

Australia and the government of New Zealand have published wrong information in their government travel advisories to their citizens who for the most part have ignored them.

Their information is based on some of Those Uganda Travel Myths People Believe as Real – however there are simply wrong.  Myths such as Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest being unsafe, telling its citizens to stay away from Uganda’s Number 1 – Visited Park by relying on information that is 10 years or older – Safaris in Uganda are safe – even Kidepo Valley Park has become a safe area to visit.

Those Uganda Travel Myths People Believe as Real– the reality is different than the Internet Legends, Myths and Fables that you can find in 2016 as you research of what you think is present day Uganda, but often you will find those myths written by armchair travelers, bloggers, even welcome-to-Uganda-Arrivalso-called reporters and then the disparaging, off the cuff remarks such as a recent one by the Africa Expert Ann Coulter…totally uncalled for.

Why do those legends and myths stay in the minds of many potential visitors to Uganda?  One reason is the Ugandan government itself, they take the Ugandan cultural approach of just keeping quiet while the wrongful information about Uganda is seen as truth and reality by many, there have been some refreshing changes, however not enough – those legends and myths will not go away by themselves, the reality of Uganda needs to be put out there by the Ugandan government and others in the Tourism sector.  Bring in Travel Reporters on a monthly basis and show them the Authentic Uganda as we know it and experience it daily.
With us at Kabiza Wilderness Safaris it is not just about selling Safaris, but giving potential Tourists the right information about Uganda beyond anecdotal hearsay, internet myths and legends, but the Face of Uganda rarely seen, that of a Welcoming Uganda.

Those Uganda Travel Myths People Believe as Real – if you have any questions – please ask us.

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Activities & Sightseeing

Activities & Sightseeing.

Best Uganda Safari Tour, 18 Days 17Nights Tour Code KSU01

This safari takes you around Uganda through Mt. Elgon National Park, the source of the Nile where white water rafting is done, Murchison Falls National Park, herd of elephatnsKibale National park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Bwindi impenetrable National park, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mburo National park, Ssese islands and city tour of Kampala.

Day 1

On arrival at Entebbe International Airport, our representative will meet, greet and transfer you to your Hotel in Kampala for the overnight.

Day 2 – The Source of the river Nile

Transfer to Mbale, east of Uganda driving through Jinja , the second largest town in Uganda. It is characterized by the Asian quarters, the brewery industries and the colourful gardens. Visit the Source of the Nile on Lake Victoria, the monument of Gandhi, and then proceed to the spectacular “Itanda Falls” on the river Nile a few kilometres from the source. Optional: try the unforgettable emotion of white water rafting, which is one of the main attractions in Jinja. Lunch at Bujagali, where local food is served. In the afternoon drive to Mbale for dinner and overnight.

Day 3 – The Sipi Fall

The activities for this day start with the nature walk to the spectacular waterfalls on the river Sipi, which originates from Mount Elgon. The starting point is at Crow’s Nest, a camping and lodging site. You will see the caves, plantations of coffee, matooke and sugarcane plantations along the way. We ensure that you have packed lunch for the day. Return to Jinja in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight.

Day 4 – The rhinos of Ziwa sanctuary

Leave Jinja early in the morning for Masindi via Kampala. You will stop at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary where you will enjoy a nature walk to see rhinos in the wild. The journey is long but enjoyable as you go through a green countryside with typical Ugandan villages and farms. Dinner and overnight.

Day 5 – The Murchison Falls National Park

After a relaxed breakfast, proceed to Murchison Falls National Park, the largest protected area in Uganda, named after the famous falls on the Nile. Lunch and enjoy an afternoon game drive through the northern part of the park where you will be able to spot elephants, lions, cape buffalos, Rothschild’s giraffes, hartebeests, waterbucks, oribi, bushbucks, spotted hyenas and, if you are lucky, leopards. Dinner and overnight.


Day 6 – The boat cruise on the river Nile

You start with an early morning game drive in the park. Return to the lodge for breakfast. Relax at the swimming pool side. After lunch, you will safari upstream by boat to the calm Victoria Nile and the base of the falls just ten meters from the “Devil’s Cauldron.” There you can marvel at toothsome hippos, crocodiles and over the 17-kilometer stretch you may also see elephants, water bucks and Uganda kobs. This is also the habitat of many bird species including goliath herons, Egyptian geese, pelicans, bee-eaters, kingfishers, Hombills, cormorants and the rare shoebill stork. The boat leaves you near the falls and you will hike to the top. It is an exciting experience that brings you very close to the rushing whitewater as it squeezes itself through the narrow crevice below. Relax a bit at the top where you can enjoy the Nile’s beauty. The ground can be felt trembling from the 43 meter drop of the falls and the resulting mist from the turbulence often produces rainbows. Your guide will be waiting for you here.

Day 7 – Fort Portal at the foothill of the Mountains of the Moon

Since it’s a  long distance between MFNP and Fort portal , you will have an early breakfast and leave the park heading Southwest via the Albertine Escarpment of the Western Rift Valley. Drive through Hoima, the capital of the Bunyoro kindgom, passing though verdant countryside, tea plantations and traditional homesteads. You arrive in the colourful and pretty town of Fort Portal, the capital of the Tooro kingdom, in the shadow of the fabled “Mountains of the Moon” (Rwenzori). Dinner and overnight.

Day 8 – The Semliki Hot Springs

Today we visit the magical Semliki Valley National Park for a game drive and visit the male and female hot springs. Have lunch and visit the Kasenda Crater Lakes, which dominate all the areas with incredible panoramic views. Return for dinner and overnight.

Day 9 – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park following the mystical Rwenzori Mountain Range most of the journey arriving in time for lunch. After lunch, enjoy the unique two hour boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel. This trip goes through possibly the highest concentration of animals and birds as they may be seen drinking at the water’s edge. This launch cruise offers an excellent platform for photography, bird watching and game viewing. The prolific bird life is colourful and stupendous with well over 550 resident species. You will then take a ride through the fascinating Crater Lake region. Dinner and overnight.

Day 10 –The Kyambura Chimp Trekking

After a cup of coffee embark on an early morning game drive along Kasenyi tracks and Queens mile in the park and expect to see lions, elephants, cape buffaloes, warthogs, spotted hyenas, mongooses, water bucks, kobs, the leopard if lucky, plus a lot of small animals and birds. Drive back to the lodge for lunch. After lunch, drive to Kyambura gorge for a forest walk in search of the habituated chimpanzees and other primates. This gorge is 16 km long on the Rift Valley and 100 meters deep. The rangers will provide you with a walking stick for this trekking.  Dinner and overnight.

Day 11 –climbing lions of ishasha.

With your packed lunch drive to the Ishasha sector of the park for a game drive in search of the rare tree climbing lions found only in this part of Uganda. The landscape is open savannah with acacia trees. Proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for dinner and overnight.

Day 12 -The encounter with mountains gorillas

After the briefing from the rangers, set off for the mountain gorilla tracking inside the Bwindi forest. This would be the high light of your tour.  You need to carry drinking water, packed lunch, rain jacket and jungle boots while the rangers will provide you with a walking stick. Gorilla tracking is one of the unique activities you will enjoy.  Photograph and observe the gorillas in their natural habitat. After tracking, leave for Kabale through the beautiful, rolling hills and terraced landscape. This region is referred to as the “Switzerland of Africa”. Dinner and overnight.

Day  13 – The wonderful Lake Bunyonyi-   

Today we start with a boat ride on the lake, around the various islands for bird viewing and sightseeing. Visit the Bakiga Museum. Lunch. After lunch, depart for Lake Mburo National Park, the smallest in size but fascinating. Dinner and overnight at Mihingo Lodge / Arcadia cottages(C) or Agip Motel (B) in Mbarara. FB

Day  14 – Lake Mburo National Park   

Morning game drive in search of the beautiful impalas, zebras, cape buffaloes, elands, oribi and topi. Along with the game drive, many visitors also enjoy a boat trip on Lake Mburo. The park is a very good opportunity for bird watchers, who will enjoy more than 250 species of birds found here.  Return to Kampala for dinner and overnight.

Day 15 – Departure

Depending on your flight schedule, you may spend the day at leisure shopping for souvenirs or city tour for cultural, historical or religious sites. With your unique experience and great memories, you may now say good bye to the Pearl of Africa and transfer to the airport for your flight.


Extension: (optional)

Day 15 – The Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria

After breakfast, drive to Entebbe to board the ferry boat which will take you to Ssese Islands, an archipelago of 84 islands on Lake Victoria. Meantime you can visit the wonders of the botanical garden in Entebbe. After lunch enjoy the navigation on the lake, which looks like an immense and peaceful sea. You reach the beautiful bay of Lutoboka, in Bugala Island, for dinner and overnight at Pearl Gardens resort, with a magic location on the beach.

Day 16 – The Islands tour

You will journey through the Ssese Islands and enjoy the beauty of the lake and forested islands. You will explore three islands, a fishing village, settlement island. Return to your Hotel relax by the beach-side while swimming and sunbathing. Dinner and overnight.

Day 17 – Ecological Nature walk and Bugala Village tour.

Early breakfast before going for a relaxing ecological nature walk in the uncontaminated forest on the islands with the services of our guide who will tell you all you need to know about the forest .Return for lunch and relax. Evening village tour on a motor bike and you will visit the mail and traditional fishing village on Bugala Islands and the palm tree farm  . Dinner and over night as above.

Day 18 – Kampala City Tour

After breakfast board the ferry boat and return to Entebbe. Spend the afternoon at leisure or craft and souvenir shopping.  Transfer to Entebbe International Airport for your flight.

Wild life tour | 3 Days Ngamba Island chimpanzees tracking

Day 1 (Transfer from the Air port to your hotel)

On arrival, Our Tour guide will meet you at the Airport and take you to your hotel for relaxation, Diner and over night at Fairway Hotel (luxury) or Boma Guest house (budget)


Day 2 (Transfer to Ngamba Island Sanctuary)

Eraly Morning, you will be picked from your Hotel and transferred to Entebbe for a briefing from G and C staff.  Then after walk to the pier at shores of Lake Victoria to meet your 9.00am launch to Ngamba Island Mukono District.

The boat takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour across to Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary, crossing the Equator en-route.

On arrival at the island, home to 39 chimpanzees, you will be given a short introduction and briefing about sanctuary and its journal. Subsequent to this, is the feeding time! It is compelling to watch the chimps interrelate with each other as their keepers feed them. In the relatively short amount of time you are there you will be able to see such different personalities amongst the group, with some whistling for food and others clapping while others will be struggling to collect as much as they can to keep. Obviously the ideal option would be to re-introduce these orphaned chimpanzees to the wild however this is not possible for a number of different reasons and the sanctuary is not bad for second best. Dinner and overnight at Ngamba Island G AND C Camps

Day 3 (Nature/Forest walk)

After break fats, you will interact with these playful chimps as they may pull your hair, climb on you to carry them or just walk along holding your hand! Its fun for those that are interested!. In the afternoon, Return by boat to the main land from where you will be transferred to your Hotel or Entebbe Airport for your next flight back home.

This Tour includes:

-Transportation from and fuel

-Full Board Accommodation

-Speed boat to and from the Island

-1Chimpanzee permit per person

-All meals

-A forest walk

But it excludes drinks, laundry, optional forest walks and all items of personal nature.

Book This Safari
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Uganda Primate tours, chimpanzee and gorilla safaris 7days |7 Days Primates – chimps and gorilla safari

Day 1 (Pick up from Air port to Kampala)

On your arrival, you will be picked by our tour guide from Airport to Kampala. Having dinner and Overnight at Emin pasha/Fairway hotel (luxury) or Namirembe guest house (budget)

Uganda- Elephants in Murchison falls

Day 2 (Transfer to Kibale Forest N.P)

Early in the morning, Our Guide will pick you up from Kampala at your hotel and leave for Kibale Forest, lunch at the lodge. In the afternoon relax diner and over night at Kibale Forest Camp/Ndali lodge (luxury) or Chimpanzee Guesthouse/chimp nest/Bandas (Budget)


Day 3 (Chimp tracking)

After an early Morning break fast, will start with the 4 hour chimp walk – during which you may also get to see 10 other primates! Kibale Park is also known for all the butterflies and birds. In the afternoon you will walk through Bigodi Swamp (home to a community based project).Dinner and over night at Kibale Forest Camp/Ndali lodge (luxury) or Chimpanzee Guesthouse/chimp nest/Bandas (Budget)


Day 4 (Transfer to Bwindi N.P)

Morning at Leisure, you will drive to bwindi park by traveling through Queen Elizabeth Park through Ishasha sector. Lunch en route arriving in the park early evening for relaxation. Dinner and Overnight at Gorilla Resort/Buhoma (luxury), Travelers Rest Hotel in Kisoro/Nkuringo Gorilla campsite (budget)


Day 5 (Gorilla Tracking)

Once at bwindi head quarters with your packed lunch, you will receive briefing. Then proceed to the jungle once you have found the gorillas, you will be able to spend up to one hour with them! You will be expected back to the starting point by 7.00pm at the latest. Dinner and Overnight at Gorilla Resort/Buhoma (luxury), Travelers Rest Hotel in Kisoro/Nkuringo Gorilla campsite (budget)


Day 6 (Transfer to Kampala)

Early in the morning after breakfast you will travel back to Kampala. Lunching en route and having a stop over at the Equator to take photos and to visit craft shops.

You will arrive Kampala early evening for your dinner and over night stay at Emin pasha/Fairway hotel (luxury) or Namirembe guest house (budget)


Day 7 (Transfer to Air port)

Morning at leisure or Depending on your flight, Transfer to Entebbe Airport for your flight back home.

This Tour package includes:

-Transportation by a 4wheel drive vehicle plus fuel

-Full board accommodation

-One Gorilla permit per person TO BE SECURED AND PAID FOR IN ADVANCE

-One Chimpanzee permit per person TO BE PAID FOR IN ADVANCE

-Park fees

-An English speaking Driver/guide.


-Cultural walk

The package excludes expenses of personal nature like: Visa, drinks, laundry, tips to local guides, telephone, porter fee while trekking

Book This Safari
For more detailed information, personalized safaris and prices please contact us.
Are you interested in this safari ?
Do you want to book this safari ?
Would you like to find out more ?
You can contact us by sending us an email at, or call us on either +256752398067 or +256783425669.  We will get back to you within one working day.