The Batwa Experience


A tribe of hunter gatherers, the Batwa pygmies who lived in caves and trees for more than 4,000 years  until recently shared Bwindi’s mountain gorillas. Although they never hunted gorillas, the Batwa’s proximity increased the risk of infection to animals that share 98 per cent of human DNA. Only an estimated 4,000 Batwa live in south-west Uganda, about 1,000 of them in the Kanungu district, which includes Bwindi.

Batwa house

On this experience you get to visit a spot called Bwanya where they have recreated their home like back in the forest. Set on a 400 acres land this exeprience is something you should never miss when next in Bwindi. The whole experience will take you about 3 hours. You get to see how the batwa gathered honey, lived in a cave under a huge rock, how they burried their dead, the different medicines of wild plant that you probably meet on your everyday trip, their tree houses and homes, the local herbalist ”nyabingi”, the worship area of the batwa their different hunting skills, plus you get to listen to the elder james give you a folk story about the pygmie and the duiker.


There are dances done by the batwa for all their visitors. Then you get to participate in an archery competition trained by the batwa then you get to compete against them. After all this the batwa get to prepare for you a delicious meal of the meat from the mock hunting.

The fee to this experience is $ 70. Its located in the bwindi area in the town of buhoma which is adjacent to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

batwa-trailThe proceeds from this actvity are going to support the batwa in the kanungu settlements of mukongoro, buhoma kitariro kihembe mpungu nteeko rurangara bikukoto kebiremo karehe byumba in the program areas of land acquisition and home building, health care services, and education

Batwa house 2


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